Granu-Grinder Granulator
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Granu-Grinder Granulator

The Granu-Grinder is a sample batch granulator for laboratory or small plant use. It can be used in the laboratory for granulating small experimental compound batches or used to grind scrap molded parts. Commonly used for grinding thermoplastic materials the Granu-Grinder is extremely useful for grinding elastomerics, composites, ceramics, and other various compounds. The unit is mounted on a mobile floor stand with four heavy-duty casters.

• Equipped with a 1.8KW motor
• Stationary Cutters
• 150mm Rotary Cutters

The design of the rotor configuration and the low rotational speed of the rotor ensure excellent quality granulate, with consistent size without dust or fines. It features automatic safety shutoff contact switches for the main housing and recovery trough to ensure safe operations.

Various screen sizes (Standard 5mm) are available to provide a vast range of granular proportions. Feed opening 5” (127mm) x 9.75” (247mm).

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Granu-Grinder front left view Granu-Grinder open Granu-Grinder front view

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