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The determination of the flour quality and its processing characteristics are a basic demand in the milling and baking industries for ensuring optimum and uniform flour qualities for the manifold baking and noodle products.

• Measure the water absorption of flours
• Determine the rheological properties of the dough
• Check production and flour blends in the mill
• Test rye flour, sponge batters, egg foam, etc.
• Special applications e.g. for chocolate, chewing gum, fish, cheese, meat etc.
• Test full formula doughs


Fill your flour / water suspension into the heated measuring mixer where it is subjected to a defined mechanical stress by the rotating mixer blades which are driven by a motor, carried in a pendulum bearing. The resistance of the dough against the blades, which depends on the viscosity of the dough, causes an opposite deflection of the motor housing. This deflection is measured as torque and recorded and plotted on-line as a function of time in a clear color diagram.


• Automatic water dosing system
• Extended software applications
• Variable speed (0 - 200 min-1)
• Higher torque 20 Nm
• Colored display shows temperatures
• Recording of two temperatures (dosing water and dough)
• Calculates mixing energy
• Patented

Additional software

• Programming of speed profiles
• Creating of individual test profiles
• Free definition of own evaluation methods
• Integrated videos show test procedures
• Auto save mode
• Reference curve could be integrated

Details of the automatic water dosing system

• Water tank (2 l) simple to remove
• Temperature control of added water
• Low maintenance
• Accuracy < 0.1%

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Farinograph®-AT Display Farinogram with points indicated Farinograph®-AT

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Mains connection 1x 230 V; 50/60 Hz + N + PE; 3.2 A
115 V; 50/60 Hz + PE; 6.5 A
Dimensions (W x H x D) 470 x 450 x 880 mm
Weight approx. 75 kg net


Sigma mixer S 300

• For standard Farinograph® test (300 g of flour) according to ICC, AACC, ISO
• For mixing the dough for Extensograph® tests
• Removable blades

Sigma mixer S 50

• For standard Farinograph® test (50 g of flour) according to ICC, AACC, ISO
• Removable blades

Sigma mixer S 10

• For standard Farinograph® test with small sample weights (10 g)
• For breeders and research work

Planetary mixer P 600

• For rye dough and sponge batter
• With dough hook, K-hook, whisk

Hardness and Structure Tester

• For testing the hardness of grain (wheat, barley, malt, etc.)
• Special software

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Sigma mixer S-300 Sigma mixer S-50 Sigma mixer S-10 Planetary mixer P-600 Hardness and structure tester

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32-bit Windows software with USB data transfer

Enter your test parameters from your PC - they are transmitted automatically via USB to the instrument. The user-optimized software offers multitasking, automatic range setting according to the selected mixer, and automatic zeroing.

The menu guides you through the entire test procedure including all preparations. The Farinogram is shown on-line on the monitor. Define a reference curve with tolerance limits according to your individual requirements and monitor during the running test to determine whether your sample flour meets the specification for a certain application or not.

All test data can easily be used in other applications like word processing programs or spreadsheets or sent by email.

Data correlation

Use the powerful Farinograph® correlation program to compare diagrams and results of up to 10 tests with each other. Test conditions and results are contrasted in tables and evaluated statistically.

Quickly assess trends or irregularities by drawing and printing all diagrams of the correlation together in a single plot.

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Farinogram Farinograph® data correlation

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