Food mixer measuring heads
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Food mixer measuring heads

The standard Farinograph® test uses the sigma mixers S 300 (capacity 300 g of flour), S 50 (capacity 50 g of flour), or, for very small sample weights, the S 10 (capacity 10 g of flour).

The S 300 mixer is also used for preparing the dough for Extensograph®, Maturograph and Oven Rise tests. The sigma mixers just differ in their sample capacity, the results and curves are always the same. The Resistograph mixer with its flat blades and narrow bowl combines intensive mixing, stretching, and pressing and supplies high shearing force and work to the dough. This mixer enables an even better differentiation between similar flour qualities and supplies additional information about the mixing and blending behavior of the flours. All mixers are made of stainless steel. The mixer bowl and rear wall are double-walled for liquid heating/cooling through a circulation thermostat.

Sigma mixer S 300

• For standard Farinograph® test (300 g of flour) according to ICC, AACC, ISO
• For mixing the dough for Extensograph® tests
• Removable blades

Sigma mixer S 50

• For standard Farinograph® test (50 g of flour) according to ICC, AACC, ISO
• Removable blades

Sigma mixer S 10

• For standard Farinograph® test with small sample weights (10 g)
• For breeders and research work

Planetary mixer P 600

• For rye dough and sponge batter
• With dough hook, K-hook, whisk

Developer mixer

• For testing rheological properties of full formula dough
• ellipsodial blades

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Sigma mixer S-300 Sigma mixer S-50 Sigma mixer S-10 Planetary mixer P-600 Developer mixer

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32-bit Windows software with USB data transfer

Enter your test parameters from your PC - they are transmitted automatically via USB to the instrument. The user-optimized software offers multitasking, automatic range setting according to the selected mixer, and automatic zeroing.

The menu guides you through the entire test procedure including all preparations. The Farinogram is shown on-line on the monitor. Define a reference curve with tolerance limits according to your individual requirements and monitor during the running test to determine whether your sample flour meets the specifi cation for a certain application or not.

All test data can easily be used in other applications like word processing programs or spreadsheets or sent by email.

Data correlation

Use the powerful Farinograph® correlation program to compare diagrams and results of up to 10 tests with each other. Test conditions and results are contrasted in tables and evaluated statistically.

Quickly assess trends or irregularities by drawing and printing all diagrams of the correlation together in a single plot.

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Farinogram Farinograph® data correlation

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