ATR Plasti-Corder Torque Rheometer
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ATR (Advanced Torque Rheometer) Plasti-Corder®

Flexibility for mixing or extrusion applications

The ATR Plasti-Corder® computerized torque rheometer provides flexibility for either mixing or extrusion applications. The drive system is a 2.5 HP drive utilizing CAN (Controller Area-Network) Field Bus Communication. The drive speed is up to 120 RPM with a 0% speed deviation through digital feedback.

The unit accommodates any C.W. Brabender® mixer or extruder attachment up to 160 Nm (16,000 Meter-Grams). The ATR is provided with a single 5 zone temperature controller, 4 melt thermocouple inputs and multiple pressure inputs.

The ATR is a completely computerized torque rheometer, featuring a soft touch keypad for either PC or manual inputs and is equipped with our standard proprietary WINEXT and WINMIX software programs.

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ATR with mixer ATR with extruder ATR with no attachments

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Power 2.5 hp
Speed Range 0.2 - 120 rpm
Speed Deviation 0% through digital feedback
Measuring Range 0 - 160 Nm (16,000 Mg)
Power Requirements 230/208 V, 3 phase, 40 amps
Dimensions (H x W x L) 48” x 22” x 38”
Weight 335 lbs
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