MIXCORR Software
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MIXCORR - Mixing Correlation Program

The MIXCORR Program is a Mixer Data Correlation Statistical Analysis Software Program, enabling the operator to overlay multiple curves and evaluate the data graphically and/or statistically. It is an effective means of further analyzing mixer torque and processing data. In practice, it is helpful in solving processing problems with new formulations.

The MIXCORR Correlation Program can be used to compare mixer tests that were run under identical test conditions for the same material. Mean values and standard deviations are calculated, and reference curves with tolerance limits can be determined.

This additional feature enables the operator to develop an average statistical curve for Research & Development, Product Development and Quality Control applications. When the tolerance limits have been determined, the data can be compared directly with plant processing conditions.

The MIXCORR program can be utilized to develop the Mean and Standard Deviation for a wide variety of mixer applications.

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Standard PVC • 5 Individual Fusion Tests Comparison of 3 Repeated Oil Absorption Torque Curves of 3 Fillers Standard Deviation Bar • 5 Individual PVC Fusion Curves

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