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A universal, heavy-duty machine designed for small-scale milling of elastomeric and thermoplastic materials

The Electrically Heated Prep-Mill® is a universal, heavy-duty machine designed for small-scale milling of elastomeric and thermoplastic materials. The Two-Roll Mill combines the features of precision construction, reliability and serviceability into a mobile and compact milling station, ensuring uniform batch-to-batch mixing characteristics.

A heavy-duty high torque system - the Prep-Mill® drive is designed to provide high torque output from a 2.5 HP sensorless vector drive with built-in torque overload protection. Monitored by a digital DC amp meter with torque overload indicator, including a digital RPM indicator - variable roll speed of 0-30 RPM. Includes safety guard over the rolls and dial guages to determine roll gap setting.

In addition to the operator trip bar over the mill rolls, two operator 'kick plates' will also stop the drive when actuated. The 'kick plates' are permanently mounted on both sides of the mill. Also ‘emergency stop’ button on top of unit. The entire drive is mounted on a heavy gauge mobile cart. The cart includes a cabinet for storage of tools and accessories.

The Electrically Heated Prep-Mill® utilizes transfer rolls coated with Acrotherm TK400 (RC 70), an extremely durable coating that substantially extends the life of the roll while providing top quality mirror finish and tolerances - suited for High Wear Resistance.

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• Electrically Heated 4" x 8" Acrotherm TK400 rolls polished to a mirror finish
• Individual Temperature Controllers to control roll temperature
• Adjustable gap from .005” to .195"
• Standard friction ratio of 1.3:1 or 1:1 for Calendering
• Safety trip bar and operator kick plate with coupled electrical interlock
• Contoured roll guides prevent material from 'creeping off' the rolls and into the bushings
• "Flip-up" design for easy cleaning
• Brass stripping knife permits quick, clean removal of milled stock
• A mixing volume of approximately 250ml, depending on gap setting and bandwidth
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