Wire take-off unit
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Wire take-off unit

The wire take-off and winding unit takes off the coated wire and winds it up. The blank wire is straightened before it is coated in the wire coating die.

After cooling in the water bath, the two nip rolls take off the wire at a constant tension. The coated wire is then wound up evenly via a traversing device on a winding roll.

The wire take-off unit can be controlled manually or through the PC (via CAN bus).

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Wire take-off

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Nip rolls 84 mm Ø, 228 mm long high-polished steel, chrome plated
Pressure roll 84 mm Ø, 228 mm long rubberized
Winding roll with slip clutch 84 mm Ø, 212 mm long
Drive inverter drive, 0.37 kW
take-off speed: 1...25 m/min
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1750 x 870 x 750 mm
Mains 230 V, 50...60 Hz
...where quality is measured.