Mini-Compounder 12mm Twin Screw Extruder
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Innovation for the plastics and pharmaceutical industry

With the new Mini-Compounder KETSE 12/36, Brabender® offers a twin screw extruder as miniature scale with application to the chemical industry as well as to the pharmaceutical industry to develop pharmaceutical products. The scale-down of the machine in combination with the comprehensive adaptability to almost each processing task, and the easy handling of the system, explain the distinction of the Mini-Compounder as an excellent laboratory apparatus.

The clam shell barrel (length:36 D) is divided horizontally, can be tilted open, and allows visual assessment of individual processing steps. Furthermore, a comfortable mounting of the screws and a quick cleaning of the cylinder is possible. In addition to the main metering at 0 D, metering or venting ports at a barrel length of 4.5 D (liquid only), 10 D and 27 D are available. Side feeding can be installed at 12 D length

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Miniature Screws close up Stainless Steel Model PTSE 12/36 Modular screw elements

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Diameter 12 mm
Processing length 36 D
Material Pellets, Powder, Liquids
Max. temperature 400 °C
Pressure 150 bar
Weight approx. 230 kgs
Dimensions with frame (W x D x H) 1150 mm x 350 mm x 1190 mm
Mains 3 x 400 V AC, 50Hz, 5-conductor-insulation system
Total connected load 11 kW
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