Pharmaceutical 12mm Twin Screw Extruder
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Innovation for the pharmaceutical industry

With PTSE® 12/36, Brabender® offers a twin screw extruder in miniature scale which is profitable for the pharmaceutical industry for the development of pharmaceutical products. The scale-down of the machine (screw diameter 12 mm, processing length 36 D) combined with the comprehensive adaptability to almost each processing task and the easy handling and cleaning of the system constitute the distinction of PTSE® 12/36 as an excellent laboratory instrument.


• Compact design (low space requirement)
• Suitable for early development and preparation of samples for clinical studies and
Hot Melt Extrusion studies
• Clamshell barrel allowing troubleshooting and easy cleaning
• Removable liner (for fast cleaning or sterilization)
• Small batch size (suitable for expensive actives)
• Multiple heating and cooling zones
• Heatable die head
• Fast and accurate temperature regulation from both upper and lower sides of barrel
• Segmented screws
• High maximal torque suitable for the processing of pharmaceutical materials
• Separate special cooling for the feeding zone
• Several top-openings
• Side-opening for side feeding
• Process length can be shortened

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Miniature Screws close up PTSE® 12/36 Modular screw elements

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Diameter 12 mm
Processing length 36 D
Screw Speed 600 rpm
Maximum torque 2 x 15 Nm
Pressure 150 bar
Throughput 0.08 - 1 kg/h
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