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WINMIX - Mixing Software

WINMIX is the custom-designed Brabender® Windows® software mixing program for our Plasti-Corder® torque rheometers. WINMIX applications software program features distinct evaluations for PVC, Elastomers, Ceramics, Thermosets, Engineering Resins and Thermoplastics.

There is a mixing evaluation for every need...

The torque curves and the data they generate characterize the material’s flow behavior in accordance with today’s standard practices and protocols.

• PVC Fusion Behavior
• Cure Rates
• Crosslinking Thermosets
• Blending Time
• Dynamic Thermal Stability
• Color Matching Sample Chips
• Compounding

The program is designed for the most versatile uses including generic mixing applications as well as Standard ASTM and DIN Test Methods.

When an application calls for changing the parameters while a test is in progress, the WINMIX Program enables the operator to easily change the test time, temperature, torque range and speed. The WINMIX Program also provides a Note Pad feature, which allows a notation to be inserted on a curve. Notations can be recorded while the test is in operation, or once the test has been completed.

Gas Evolution

C.W. Brabender® provides the latest method for predicting the processability of cellular polymers. Technological advancements in mass flow transducers and data acquisition systems have dramatically improved the accuracy and reliability of the generated data. The resultant data yields important processing information that simply cannot be obtained by any other laboratory instrument. By measuring real-time mass flow, while simultaneously measuring polymer rheology, today’s polymer scientists can readily predict how foam formulations will behave on a larger scale.

Through the means of the WINMIX Gas Evolution Analysis Program, a precision mass flow transducer, a two piece Mixer/Measuring Head with Gasketed Ram Closure, and Viton Flouroelastomer O-Ring shaft seals, all generated gases are measured in Standardized Cubic Centimeters (SCCM). The flow cell is calibrated for a specific gas, such as Carbon Dioxide, and reports its signal without disturbance to the PC. The flow cell is available in various flow ranges, depending on the application.

• Blowing Agent decomposition temperature
• Effect of foaming agent on viscosity of polymer matrix
• Volume of gas evolved throughout decomposition
• Determination of temperature where maximum gas is evolved

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WINMIX Universal Evaluation WINMIX Evaluation Chart WINMIX: Gasflow Evolution Curve WINMIX: Rigid PVC Fusion Curve WINMIX: Plasticizer Absorption for PVC WINMIX: Thermosetting/Crosslinking Material Curve WINMIX: Oil Absorption of Carbon Black, Pigment or Filler

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