Three Piece Mixer
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Considered to be the most universal mixer/measuring head

Considered to be the most universal mixer/measuring head with a gear ratio 3:2 or 2:3 (drive:driven) and capacity of 60 to 120 ml. The three piece mixer has 3 Heat Zones in a 3-Piece Design and a capacity of 60/120ml. Ideally suited for obtaining torque studies on high temperature engineering resins. The mixer houses exchangable blades with different configuarations for different processes.

Exchangeable Blades

Roller Blades are most commonly used for materials that require a strong shear force to form a homogenous melt: thermoplastics, and many thermosetting resins such as phenolics and expoxies...typical studies: fusion, lubricity, heat stability, crosslinking, and degradation.

Banbury Blades are desigened to duplicate the mixing action of a commercial Banbury Mixer...a medium shear-rate mixing action ideal for mixing elastomeric materials, compounding studies, and recycled materials.

CAM Blades have achieved widespread success in the Rubber Industry...a medium shear-rate blade imposing a combination of milling, mixing, and shearing forces against the test sample, alternating compacting and releasing the material within the chamber.

Sigma Blades are the original Brabender® Mixer blades developed several decades ago for the testing of flour dough...its low shear-rate design creates a tumbling and kneading force within the mixer without imposing a strong compressing force.

The C.W. Brabender® 3-Piece mixing bowl is machined from 303 Stainless Steel and the blades are cast of 304 Stainless Steel. Custom metallic and heat hardened surfaces are available upon request. A torque overload shear coupling is attached to each mixer, protecting the motor drives from torque overload and preventing damage to the Mixer/Measuring Head. The 3-Piece Mixer can be supplied with 3:2 or 2:3 (drive:driven) gear ratio.

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Exchangeable blades with labels Three Piece Mixer

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Blade Displacement Shear Rate Suggested Charge*
Roller 60cc High 42g
Banbury 75cc Medium 53g
Cam 85cc Medium 60g
Sigma 120cc Low 84g
* Suggested Charge 70 % of Total at 1.0 Specific Gravity
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