Micro Visco-Amylo-Graph®
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Micro Visco-Amylo-Graph®


The Micro Visco-Amylo-Graph® combines the procedures of Viscograph-E and Amylograph-E in a single instrument. Profit from the versatility and reliability of this instrument - in the food industry, in the paper and textile industries, or in the chemical industry:

• Measure the gelatinization properties of flour and native or modified starch
• Measure the enzyme activity of flour (e. g. sprout)
• Adjust the diastatic activity by adding enzymes (e. g. malt flour)
• Measure the influence of extrusion conditions onto the extruded product


The measuring principle is similar to that of the Viscograph-E: a starch-water or flour-water suspension is heated in a rotating bowl and cooled down again, both under controlled conditions. Use the standard procedure (heating - holding - cooling) or save your own temperature profiles.

The special geometry of the stirrer ensures good mixing of the sample - there is no sedimentation of starch particles. Temperature measurement directly within the sample makes it easy to always precisely assign the temperature to the current viscosity.

The MVAG measures the:

• Beginning of gelatinization
• Gelatinization maximum
• Gelatinization temperature
• Viscosity during holding
• Viscosity at the end of cooling


• Suited for starch and flour
• Usage for acid and lye
• Small sample size (5 - 15 g)
• Short measuring times
• Speed (0 - 300 min-1)
• Temperature measurement within the sample
• Heating / cooling rates of up to 10°C / min
• No follow-up costs
• Evaluation in BU, mPas, cP or cmg

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Micro Visco-Amylo-Graph Diagram Micro Visco-Amylo-Graph®

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Mains connection 1x 230 V; 50/60 Hz + N + PE; 2.8 A
115 V; 50/60 Hz + PE; 5.6 A
Heating / cooling rates 0.5 - 10 °C/min
Sample volume 110 ml
Speed 0-300 min-1
PC port USB
Dimensions (W x H x D) 450 x 750 x 380 mm
Weight approx. 30 kg net


Enter your test parameters from your computer keyboard and store them as a “method” – a single mouse click opens your test routine at any time. The PC transmits your temperature profile to the controller and the test runs automatically.

On-line display of the Viscogram keeps you informed of progress through the test. After the test, all relevant data are calculated fully automatically.

Tests can be run in an administrator or operator mode. Define and assign authorities in the administrator mode or create and save automatic test procedures including a description of the test procedure for your laboratory staff.

Data correlation

The data correlation program allows a direct comparison of up to 15 Viscograms with each other by contrasting test conditions and results in a graphic and tabular form and evaluating them statistically. Or get a quick overview of all Viscograms from the correlation diagram.

Universal evaluation

Use this new, additional software package for defining evaluations of your own. Manifold defined formulas allow you to

• Evaluate the maximum or minimum within a certain, defined time range
• Search for the first time when a predefined viscosity is reached in the test
• Evaluate in your own defined temperature, time, or viscosity steps
• Evaluate the time between a certain temperature and reaching a certain viscosity, etc.
• Area calculation / energy

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Data correlation program

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