Moisture Tester MT-C
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Moisture Tester MT-C

Individual and serial determination of the water and solvent content


The Brabender® MT-C provides a quick method for moisture determination on all types of material, e.g. grain, flour, feedstuff, fibers, synthetic material, etc. The method meets the Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2182/2005 for tobacco. Furthermore, the solvent content of organic and inorganic materials can be measured.


The Brabender® MT-C is an electronic moisture tester using the drying oven principle with moving air. The instrument determines the loss in weight of the sample material which results from drying.

Due to the continuous air flow within the drying chamber, the drying process takes considerably less time than in a conventional drying chamber without ventilation.

The integrated software allows fully automatic measurement and saving of the results.


The MT-C offers numerous advantages as opposed to other instruments/methods for moisture determination (NIR, drying balances, dielectric instruments):

• Reference method – no special calibration for different samples
• Measurement of up to 10 samples at a time
• Determination of the water content with an accuracy of < 0.1%
• Fully automatic re-weighing in the drying chamber after drying
• No time-consuming cooling of the samples in an exsiccator
• Drying temperature up to 200 °C
• Measuring range (water content) 0.1 - 99.9%

Special features

• Menu controlled operation via graphic touchscreen
• Programming of up to 10 different drying methods
• Automatic balance calibration prior to each measurement
• Automatic recognition of the selected sample position by a position sensor
• Entry of any sample weight between 1 and 20 g with presetting of tolerance ranges
• Display of residual drying time
• Ethernet port for data exchange

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MT-C Display with method Moisture tester MT-C

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Mains connection 1x 220/230 V; 50/60 Hz + N +PE; 6.5 A
115 V; 50/60 Hz + PE; 13 A
Dimensions (W x H x D) 800 x 690 x 630 mm
Weight approx. 30 kg net
Drying temperature max. 200°C in the drying chamber
Heating capacity 1100 W
Sample weight min. 1 g, max. 20 g (optional setting of a tolerance range)
Number of samples max. 10 at a time
Measuring range 0.1 to 100% water content
Accuracy < 0.1% water content
Display resolution 0.001 g
Reproducibility (balance) ± 0.002 g
Memory parameters • Sample position in the drying chamber
• Sample specifi cation
• Sample weight
• Relative loss in weight
• 10 methods
Data input / output • Touch-screen display
• USB port for printer
• Network (Ethernet) connection
Environmental conditions Temperature: 10 – 40°C

Simple operation

During the measurement, just follow the instructions of the software. The display and control panel of the Moisture Tester is a touchscreen display which is capable of handling graphics. Die Windows® CE Software bietet:

• Programming of up to 10 different drying methods
• Password protection for individual methods
• Entry of product and/or charge specification
• Automatic taring
• Free selection of the drying time for each individual sample
• Automatic recognition of the selected sample position by a position sensor
• Entry of any sample weights between 1 g and 20 g with presetting of tolerance ranges - no time-consuming weighing of constant sample weights
• Barcode reader
• Automatic positioning of the turntable
• Fully automatic re-weighing after drying
• Automatic recording of drying curves
• Automatic calculation of the absolute loss in weight and/or the percentage of moisture
• Possibility of data exchange with other PCs via network connection (ethernet)

The software creates a complete test protocol after the test including the product name and test conditions like sample weight, drying temperature, and drying time.

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