Muffle Furnace M 110
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Muffle Furnace M 110


The Muffle furnace M 110 is used for the determination of ash in cereals and cereal products. Ash is defined as the quantity of mineral matter remaining as an incombustible residue of the sample upon completion of the ashing process.

Temperatures of 300 °C up to 1100°C can be set for different applications.

The principle

Weigh the test substance, which may have to be preground, into crucibles, and place them into the muffle furnace. The ashing is carried out and is completed when the cool residue is white or nearly white.

As the ash content refers to dry matter, first the moisture content of the sample material must be determined in a separate step.

Temperature protection

The Muffle furnace is equipped with a radio interference suppression and the door with a door-operated safety switch.

The unit is supplied with an electronic upper limit cut-out (TWB) with sensor defect recognition, temperature class 2 to DIN standard 12 880 Section 1/11.78. It is electrically and functionally independent of the temperature control system.


Reference method approved worldwide for a large variety of raw materials.


Dimensions (W x H x D) 750 x 580 x 720 mm
Work chamber dimensions (B x H x T) 200 x 300 x 150 mm
Weight approx. 80 kg net
Maximum load 7 kg
Operating temperature 300–1100ºC
Noise level
Noise level (DIN 45635) < 58 dB (A)
Mains connection 1x 220/230 V;
50/60 Hz + N + PE; 16 A
Protection devices
Protection class 1
Protection type IP 20
Circuit protection Electronical regulations and power station-
specific technical requirements must be observed
when connecting to mains power supply circuits
...where quality is measured.