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Apart from dough-rheological measurements of the flour quality, e.g. with the Farinograph®-E or Extensograph®-E, separate quality control of wet and dry gluten which are used as a flour additive gains more and more importance.

Brabender® Glutograph-E represents the state of the art on the sector of gluten testing.

The instrument provides

• Measurement of the stretching and elastic properties
• Testing of sample weights usually occurring in practice when gluten is washed out
• Testing of flour quality with regard to its suitability for noodle production
• Recognition of drying and heat damage on flour and dry gluten


The measuring system of the Glutograph-E consists of two parallel, round, corrugated plates mounted at a defined distance opposite to each other. The sample is put inbetween these two plates. The fixed distance and diameter of the two plates provide a defined sample volume and a reproducible sample geometry.

While the upper plate stands still, the lower one is turned with a constant force - independent of shear angle and sample. Depending on your gluten quality, this constant force (shear stress) stretches the sample more or less, i.e. the lower plate is deflected more or less quickly against the upper one. This deflection (shear angle) is recorded as a function of time. After having reached a certain deflection, the sample is released and recovers according to its elasticity.


The convincing features of the Glutograph-E:

• Method describes gluten properties
• Small sample size (2 - 3 g)
• State-of-the-art measuring electronics
• Easy and comfortable operation via touch-screen
• Integrated computer
• Printer and Ethernet output
• USB and Ethernet-connection


The first diagram shows the stretching process (rising curve). The falling curve in the second part represents the recovery of the sample.>

The shearing time (time up to reaching a certain preset deflection) is a measure of the stretching properties of the sample. The recovery of the sample after a certain time mirrors the elasticity.

Additional images

Strong gluten Weak gluten Glutograph-E

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Sample weight approx. 2 - 3 g
Torque measurement electronically
Printer port USB / Ethernet
Mains connection 1x 230 V; 50/60 Hz + N + PE; 1.0 A
115 V; 50/60 Hz + PE; 1.0 A
Dimensions (W x H x D) 290 x 320 x 340 mm
Weight approx. 12 kg net
...where quality is measured.