Food 20mm twin-screw extruder
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Stand-alone 20mm clamshell segmented twin-screw extruder

20mm Parallel • Clam Shell Barrel • Co-rotating
Side Feeding Ports • Segmented Screw Elements
CAN Bus Communication

The Stand-alone TSE 20/40 Extruder is a self-contained twin-screw extrusion system. The self-reliable unit is equipped with a 12kW inverter drive. The advantage of the integrated motor, allows the system to reach a higher rotary speed (max. 1200 rpm) than a Twin Screw Extruder powered by a drive-unit. The design and persuasive features make the TSE 20/40 Extruder a perfect solution for laboratory applications.

The unit utilizes the latest technology in CAN Field-Bus data communication. The Stand-alone Extruder TSE 20/40 is part of a new generation of compounding systems that will offer a high degree of operating reliability for food extrusion applications.

The processing unit is a clamshell design with segmented screws. The modular screw design enables the operator to optimize the compounding application by utilizing various kneading, mixing, and shear elements of the screws. The segmented screw elements are interchangeable and can be realigned to adapt to a specific application.

The TSE 20/40 is available with barrel lengths of 20 or 40 D. Metering and/or venting ports are located at 10 D, 20 D, and 30 D with side feeding capabilities (12 D and 22 D). Furthermore, the barrel of the TSE 20/40 is divided horizontally, and can be tilted open on both sides. Allowing visual assessment of individual processing steps. Ideally suited for Research and Development applications.

WINEXT Software

• Graphic Interface: Alarms - Temperature - Pressure - Torque - Auxiliary Speeds
• Protocol Storage
• Data Logging: Temperature - Pressure - RPM - Torque - Auxiliary Speeds

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WINEXT 20mm Clamshell Segmented Twin Screw Extruder 20mm Twin Screw Extruder open, front view Close up view of screws Modular screw elements

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Diameter 20 mm
Screw Length L:D 24,40
Flight Depth 3.75 mm
Drive Power 12 kW (16 Hp)
Screw Speed (RPM) up to 1200
Screw Torque 2 x 40 Nm
Operating Temperature 400 °C
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