Food single screw extruders
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Food single screw extruders

C.W. Brabender® Laboratory Extruders are built to meet rigid manufacturing standards. They must provide close test reproducibility in order to act as measuring heads to the C.W. Brabender® torque rheometer drive unit, a precision instrument. Their output depends on testing variables such as, melt temperature, extrusion material, screw and die design, rpm, pressure and feeding.

The measuring extruders for food applications have a grooved barrel over the entire length in order to obtain an improved shear ratio and optimum material flow in the barrel. Sixteen standard models include L/D ratios of 10:1, 15:1, 20:1, 25:1, and 30:1. Different models provide alternate methods of heating and cooling. Temperature regulation on each is performed by a corresponding Brabender® Control Console or Circulator System.

Manifold die heads, screws and additional or downstream units are available to cover most different types of material and processing tasks.

Die heads

• Round strand die heads
• Noodle die head
• Flat sheet die heads
• Tubing die heads
• Rheometric capillary die heads


• Compression ratios 1:1 up to 1:5
• Various geometries

Simulate production realistically on a laboratory scale

The material to be tested is plastified and extruded in a practice-oriented way. All measuring values like torque, melt temperature, melt pressure, etc. are recorded continuously and displayed in a numerical or graphical form.

Comfortable evaluation software

The user-optimized Windows software automatically evaluates your test results in compliance with the most recent standards. Profit from the versatility of the data correlation program and directly compare the results of different tests of one or several test series.

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Food extrusion cutting process 1-1/4 in. single screw extruder 3/4 in. single screw extruder Food dies & screws

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Screw Diameter Screw Torque Operating Temperature PSI
1/2" 50 Nm (5,000 mg) 400 °C 10,000
3/4" 120 Nm (12,000 mg) 400 °C 10,000
1-1/4" 240 Nm (24,000 mg) 400 °C 10,000
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