Sigma Mixer
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Sigma Mixer

The electrically heated 650 ml Sigma mixer is specified in ASTM Standard D2396 for studying powder/plasticizer “dry-up” times for PVC powder blends. Other liquid/powder absorption times can also be studied with this mixer. The Sigma Mixer is a low shear mixer which provides a tumbling and kneading force within the mixing chamber. The open throat of the mixer also contributes to the tumbling and kneading mixing action without imposing strong shearing or compression forces. This makes the Sigma Mixer ideal for preparing hot melt adhesive batches.

The Sigma Mixer has long been a standard in the Food Industry, typically used for the evaluation of flour milling. A 120 ml version with removable blades is also available for smaller scale powder blend mixing studies. Both the 120 ml and the 650 ml Sigma Mixers are made of 304 Stainless Steel. The 650 ml Sigma Mixer is supplied with a plasticizer dispersion trough.

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