The C. W. Brabender® Instruments, Inc. Applications Laboratory is located on-site in South Hackensack, NJ. The lab conducts applications research and testing and also offers technical services to support new and existing clients in pharmaceutical, medical, polymer, rubber, ceramic, additive and food industries.

Chemical lab testing instrumentation includes Plasti-Corder® mixing, single-screw and twin-screw systems. The 20mm TSE and 12mm TSE segmented, parallel, co-rotating, clamshell twin-screw extruders can be evaluated with associated dies, feeding and downstream equipment. Additional capabilities include the Absorptometer C for oil absorption characterization, Prep-Mill Two-Roll Mill, Visco-Corder®-E viscometer, Elatest® and more.

Food Characterization lab capabilities cover flour, grain and dough evalutaion and testing, gelatinization properties and viscosity as well as various instruments for characterizing properties of numerous food systems. The testing instrumentation available includes the Farinograph®, Extensograph®, Viscograph®, Amylograph, Micro Visco-Amylo-Graph®, Moisture Tester MT-C, Glutograph, various mills, plus various mixer measuring heads, single & twin-screw extruders and more.

Contact the respective lab managers to learn more about scheduling a lab trial to learn more about your materials and processes.

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