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Intelli-Torque Plasti-Corder® NEW Table-top 12mm Twin screw extruder
ATR Plasti-Corder® 12mm Mini-Compounder
Prep-Center® Stand-alone 20mm Twin-screw extruder
3-Piece Mixer 20mm Twin-screw Attachment
Type Six Mixer Conical Twin screw extruder
Half Size Mixer Single Screw Extruders
Prep-Mixer® PTSE® 12/36 EC Table-top (Pharma)
Absorptometer Mixer PTSE® 20/40 (Pharma)
Planetary Mixer PTSE® 12/36 (Pharma)
Filtratest Absorptometer C
Visco-Corder® VC-E Two Roll Prep-Mill®
Post Extrusion Equipment
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NEW Farinograph® 'AT' NEW 12mm Table-top Twin Screw Extruder
Aqua-Inject 12mm Mini-Compounder
Extensograph® E Stand-alone 20mm Twin-screw extruder
AmyloGraph® E 20mm Twin-screw Attachment
Viscograph® E Conical Twin screw extruder
Micro ViscoAmyloGraph® Single-screw extruders
Consistometer E Intelli-Torque food rheometer
NEW GlutoPeak ATR food rheometer
Glutograph® E Prep-Center®
Quadrumat® Senior Quadrumat® Junior
Break Mill SM 3 Rotary Mill Labofix
Sedimat Labofix
Moisture Tester MT-C Bran Duster
Food Mixers
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Muffle Furnace
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