Rheometric Capillary Die

Intended Use

Determine pressure drop, apparent shear stress and shear rate. 

Continuous screw extrusion capillary rheology

  • Designed to attach to ANY C.W. Brabender single-screw or conical twin-screw extruder.
  • Continuously extruding material through the die to collect pressure and mass throughput data.
  • Works withWINEXT Windows® based extrusion software when using our Plasti-Corder® Torque Rheometer, or by manual calculation. 


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Round Capillary die or Slot Capillary die available

The rheometric capillary extrusion is a simple test procedure when using WINEXT software. Material is fed into a laboratory extruder operating at a constant speed and temperature. The material experiences the work energy and melting process of a typical extrusion operation. Then, the following occurs:

In the round capillary die, material enters the round capillary insert located in the die. A pressure transducer and melt thermocouple monitor and record the pressure drop and temperature of the material before exiting the die. Mass throughput is determined by weighing extrudate over a timed interval. Subsequent measurements are made by varying the extrusion speed to obtain outputs at each pressure value. Substituting capillary inserts of varying L/D ratios meets the requirement for completing the test when using this die.