Intended use

Continuous pelletizing of extruded profiles.


  • Manual Air Cooling Device
  • 1/17 HP DC Drice Motor for feed roll
  • 3/4 HP Motor for Drive rotor
  • Offered as Table-Top OR mounted on mobile cart


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Granulate strands evenly and quietly

The Pelletizer is uniquely designed for laboratory or pilot plant extrusion runs. It is offered as either a table-top unit or mounted on a heavy duty mobile cart. The unit performs continuous, direct pelletizing of thermoplastic materials - with multiple extruded profiles, 1-5mm in diameter. Supplied with manual air cooling device.

• Manual Air Cooling Device
• 1/17 HP DC Drive Motor for the Feed Roll
• 3/4 HP Motor for the Drive rotor

  • Formulas
  • Development of new materials
  • Creation of reference samples
  • Product development
  • Process simulation

The Pelletizer can be controlled manually via the control panel or by a PC via CAN bus.

The cutting rotor is optionally available with various numbers of cutting blades. 6 cutting blades are fitted as standard, but for slower cutting, the rotor can instead be fitted with 2 or 3 blades. 

Additional optional extensions include an interchangeable drawer or a fixing device for a sack of a size of your choosing.