Blown Film Tower

Intended use

Continuous take-up of blown film samples

Pilot-scale testing

  • Designed for easy prouct collection
  • Precision regulators
  • Limited footprint


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Vertical Blown Film Tower Take-Off

Ideal for continuous take-up of blown film samples with lay-flat widths of 11 inches or less, the rubberized drive roll and chrome plated polishing roll provide a tight and uniform air column, crucial in maintaining an even product roundness and thickness.

The adjustable squeeze plates provide proper guidance into the idler and take-up rolls. The winding rolls are designed for easy product collection. Precision regulators allow fine tuning of the air flow in both the bubble and the cooling manifold. Mounted on a seven foot mobile tower, the Blown Film Take-Off requires only 22.5 by 24 inches of floor space, leaving valuable room for auxiliary equipment.

Complete with all necessary hardware, fittings and hoses for the installation of Air Cooling Ring onto the Die Assembly and Blown Film Manifold Assembly.

Nip rolls84 mm Ø, 230 mm long
Winderhard paper winding sleeve, 84 mm Ø
max. winding dia. 300 mm
Expander roll60 mm Ø, 280 mm long, herringbone profile
Driveinverter drive, 0.37 kW
take-off speed: 1...25 m/min
Supporting airmax. 5 bars compressed air input
pressure control through integrated pressure regulator
Cooling airlow pressure blower
approx. 130 mbars, 3 m3/min
Dimensions (H * W * D)2410 * 870 * 950 mm
Mains230 V, 50...60 Hz

CWB_Blown Film Take-Off