Three Piece Mixer

Intended Use

Ideally suited for tourque studies on high temperature engineering resins.

Universal Mixer/Measuring Head

Considered to be the most universal mixer/measuring head with a gear ratio 3:2 or 2:3 (drive:driven) and capacity of 60 to 120 ml.

  • The three piece mixer has 3 Heat Zones in a 3-Piece Design.
  • Ideally suited for obtaining torque studies on high temperature engineering resins.
  • The mixer houses exchangable blades with different configuarations for different processes. 


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Three Piece Mixer

The C.W. Brabender 3-Piece mixing bowl is machined from 303 Stainless Steel and the blades are cast of 304 Stainless Steel. Custom metallic and heat hardened surfaces are available upon request. A torque overload shear coupling is attached to each mixer, protecting the motor drives from torque overload and preventing damage to the Mixer/Measuring Head. The 3-Piece Mixer can be supplied with 3:2 or 2:3 (drive:driven) gear ratio. 

  • Roller Blades are most commonly used for materials that require a strong shear force to form a homogenous melt: thermoplastics, and many thermosetting resins such as phenolics and expoxies... typical studies: fusion, lubricity, heat stability, crosslinking, and degradation.
  • Banbury Blades are desigened to duplicate the mixing action of a commercial Banbury Mixer... a medium shear-rate mixing action ideal for mixing elastomeric materials, compounding studies, and recycled materials.
  • CAM Blades have achieved widespread success in the Rubber Industry... a medium shear-rate blade imposing a combination of milling, mixing, and shearing forces against the test sample, alternating compacting and releasing the material within the chamber.
  • Sigma Blades are the original Brabender® Mixer blades developed several decades ago for the testing of flour dough... its low shear-rate design creates a tumbling and kneading force within the mixer without imposing a strong compressing force.
BladeDisplacementShear RateSuggested Charge*

* Suggested Charge 70 % of Total at 1.0 Specific Gravity