WINCORR Software

Custom designed Brabender Windows software extrusion program for Plasti-Corder torque rheometers.

Realistic Production Simulation On a Laboratory Scale

A real-time graphic displays how the process variables interact. The operator has the ability to change the extrusion speed and temperature simply by entering a command from the keyboard.

Data can be stored, recalled and printed upon completion of the extrusion run. The software prints out data in convenient columns or can be exported to a spreadsheet. Data can be graphed to show the relationship of process variables with respect to time.

The printouts create a definitive record of a specific extrusion trial. Ultimately, the WINEXT program gives the researcher the tools and data gathering capability to investigate how process conditions affect the performance of a specific material/compound in an extrusion process.


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WINEXT fulfills a dual role of controlling operation of the Plasti-Corder and recording information.

The software fulfills a dual role of controlling operation of the Plasti-Corder exclusively from the computer keyboard while monitoring and recording important extrusion process information. It can be used with any Windows compatible Plasti-Corder and Brabender single-screw or twin-screw drive attachments. WINEXT functions along with the Plasti-Corder CAN (Controller Area-Network) Field Bus communications system to guarantee trouble-free rheometer and sensor operation.

The software has been programmed for user-friendly operation from start-up to finish. Upon entering the program, the operator can input information about the sample as well as set-up the equipment configuration. Alarms can be set to notify the operator of deviation from pre-established process limits. The software can govern the independent speed control for a gear pump or post-extrusion equipment. It can also interface with a pressure sensor for pressure feedback speed control.

Once an extrusion trial has commenced, the software provides real-time process information such as:

  • process torque
  • extruder speed
  • melt temperature(s) for up to four melt thermocouples
  • melt pressure(s) from an unlimited amount of pressure transducers