Januar 2021

Webinar series „gluten-free“ conducted successfully

UCC (University College Cork) and Brabender offered a joint webinar on the topic gluten free bakery products and the analysis of gluten free raw materials – with appr. 450 registrations quite successfully

In November and December a 2-stage webinar on the topic gluten-free has been conducted.

The webinar has been hosted by ICC (International Association for Cereal Science and Technology; Brabender is a member of ICC since decades). ICC provided the online platform as well as the technical support.  

Presentations were given by Dr. Aylin Sahin from University College Cork in Ireland, and on the part of Brabender by Stefan Jansen and Jessica Wiertz.

Within the first part of the webinar in November, Aylin Sahin introduced basic information on gluten intolerance and gluten-free diet. During the second part it became more practical – different approaches on how to use analytical methods effectively for product development were presented.

The main method introduced was the one using Farinograph with the attachment FarinoAdd-S300, but also Extensograph, ViscoQuick and GlutoPeak methods were explained. The practical demonstration of a lab trial was shown by Stefan Jansen, using a faba bean flour. Finally, the webinar ended with a lively Q&A session.

In total, appr. 450 registrations were made. Some registered persons took the chance joining the live session, others (e.g. due to time zones) used the download function of the recorded webinar sessions. For 2021, Brabender’s application and business development team plan to offer further webinars together with ICC.

Part 1 (Fundamentals on gluten-free bread technology and product development):
Part 2 (Methods for gluten-free raw material qualification):