Februar 2021

Brabender opens new sales office in Mexico

As of 2021, Area Sales Manager Maximilian Sawatzki will be located closer to the Latin American market.

With its increasing growth potential, the Latin American sales region has become much more important for Brabender in recent years. For this reason, Brabender Managing Director Dr. David Szczesny and Area Sales Manager Maximilian Sawatzki have decided to set up a sales office in Mexico and serve the market from there.

Proximity to customers and sales partners not the only reason

Mexico is no new territory for Maximilian Sawatzki. He lived there from 2014 to 2018 before moving back to Germany for his position as Area Sales Manager for Latin America. So in addition to business opportunities, it was also family-related impulses that attracted him back to Mexico. For Maximilian Sawatzki, the decision is therefore "the best for all parties. For Brabender, it means that I can be closer to our business partners as Area Sales Manager and support for our agencies in Latin America. This allows us to exploit more of the potential of the Latin American market in the Food & Feed and Plastics & Rubber business units through my local presence."

More time for customer visits, training and trade fairs

From January 2021, Maximilian Sawatzki will be based in León / Mexico and will be the contact person for the ten Brabender agencies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela as well as for customers from their sales territories. In addition, he will advise and support existing and potential customers from the Central American and Caribbean countries.

Visits to customers as well as events such as trade fairs or conferences, which previously took place as part of time-limited customer trips, can now be realized more frequently due to the geographical proximity. For training courses for customers or sales partners, Maximilian Sawatzki is now also on site more quickly and is supported by the new Virtual Lab at Brabender's headquarters in Duisburg. There, he also receives support from Ecuadorian-born María Gräfenhahn, who has been heading the Food & Feed Application Lab since November 2020.

Easier access to new markets

Proximity to existing customers and agencies are not the only location advantages for Maximilian Sawatzki and Brabender. In addition to its core markets, including the milling and bakery industries and the plastics and rubber industries, Brabender is continuously increasing its shares in new markets on a global level. In the "Food & Feed" business unit, these include the animal and fish feed market as well as products made from gluten-free raw materials or alternative protein sources. In Mexico in particular, the popularity of tortillas made from corn flour is similar to that of bread made from wheat flour, rye flour or other cereals for Germans. In the "Plastics & Rubber" business unit, Brabender is working on applications with a focus on sustainability, including biopolymers and recycling. Brabender would also like to serve other industries, such as the cosmetics industry, more strongly with its solutions for rheology and extrusion on a laboratory scale. In this regard, Brabender has laid another foundation stone through its new sales office for the Latin American markets.

Maximilian Sawatzki
Area Sales Manager Latin America
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