Mai 2021

Brabender is a member of AquaTech Lausitz

The business and research network AquaTech Lausitz engages in sustainable utilisation of aquaculture products

Brabender is now a member of the innovation network „AquaTech Lausitz“.

What is the story behind AquaTech?

AquaTech comprises the usage of onshore aquacultures and the associated establishment of value chains and business models. Beside fish from aquaculture there is also a focus on other marine animals and algae. Those shall be used holistically, their main components as well as side streams (e.g. proteins from algae) shall be utilised and new product created.

Within the network, there are partners from the whole value chain, from food and feed industry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry plus manufacturers of biopolymers, plant engineers and fisheries. Furthermore, there are several research partners on board, Universities and research institutes.

The partners should be linked in a network to enable technology and knowledge transfer and to initiate joint research projects. There is also a plan to set up a technical centre where new technologies can be tested and products developed.

In May 2021, the first workshop was held online. The targets of the network were elucidated, partner introduced themselves, and first approaches for innovative processes and products were presented. Brabender used the workshop to present the company and a current research project on utilisation of macro algae.

Why is there a focus on the Lausitz region?

This region provides large water and industrial areas, due to the structural changes and the withdrawal of the coal industry. In addition, plenty of research institutions are located within the region. The majority of the partners come from this region, but there are also nationwide partners welcome to join in.

Why is Brabender a member of this network?

For Brabender there are several connecting factors: On the one hand Brabender has build up knowledge on utilisation of (macro) algae as a packaging material and for the extraction of hydrocolloides - as well as the product development of fish feed. This knowledge can be used within projects with other partners of the network. On the other hand it’s a chance to test and develop new applications for other industrial sectors, e.g. the cosmetics industry. Not least extrusion technology can play a key role in terms of processing raw materials and side streams and to develop innovative products. Brabender’s lab scale extruders can be used for product and process development.

Brabender is listed as a partner on the network’s website, also displaying the R&D services offered by the Brabender Application Laboratories.

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