Twin Screw Extruder Attachment 20mm Clamshell

Intended Use

Combine several processing steps within a continuously working extruder and use your C.W. Brabender twin screw extruder as a modern in-line compounder.

The ideal companion for plastics from synthesis up to recycling.

  • Benefit from the harmonized, modular conception of screws and barrels for optimally realizing all processing steps (feeding, conveying, plasticizing, dispersing, reacting, venting, pressure build-up).
  • The system configuration of each model can easily be adapted to the individual processing task - anytime and at low cost.


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Clamshell barrel - Segmented Screws

Depending on the extruder size, the material to be tested, and the processing task, throughputs up to 20 kg/h can be reached -- the flexibility and high performance of the TSE 20/40 twin screw technology allows for optimum application adaptation to range from laboratory and small-scale production to include all processing tasks relevant to various polymers.

Extensive additional equipment like measuring and control units or metering systems (gravimetric, volumetric, liquid) as well as downstream equipment is available in order to create modular turn-key construction of complete extrusion lines.

The TSE 20/40 is available with barrel lengths of 20 or 40 D. Metering and/or venting ports are located at 10 D, 20 D, and 30 D with side feeding capabilities (12 D and 22 D). Furthermore, the barrel of the TSE 20/40 is divided horizontally, and can be tilted open on both sides. Allowing visual assessment of individual processing steps. Ideally suited for Research and Development applications.

Diameter20 mm
Screw Length L/D40
Flight Depth3.75 mm
Drive Powervariable based on drive unit
Screw Speed (min-1)150
Screw Torque2 x 40 Nm
Operating Temperature450 °C