Precise — Reliable — Quick: Aqua-Inject with automatic titration curve

Intended use

Aqua-Inject is an autonomous device for automatic water dosage and titration. As an auxiliary device, it is used in conjunction with the Farinograph-TS/-E (USB)


    • Time savings
      Thanks to automatically generated titration curve
    • Highest precision for the dosage quantity
      With flow rate measurement (0.25 ml in 300g kneader)
    • Better reproducibility of results
      Thanks to integrated heating system
    • More safety without glass burette
      No broken glass in food processing facilities



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          The new Aqua-Inject: Benefit from the greatest level of precision and an automatic titration curve

          Aqua-Inject is the ideal auxiliary device for automatic water dosage and titration with the Farinograph-TS/-E (USB). Exact measurements of the water absorption of milled goods and the kneading properties of doughs begins with water dosage. In the improved Aqua-Inject, a volumetric rotary turbine with flow rate measurement ensures the highest precision when dosing your predefined water quantity (0.3 – 2,000 ml).

          Titration by hand, including the troublesome and time-consuming refilling of the burette, is no longer necessary thanks to the automatic titration. Dangerous broken glass in food processing facilities is therefore a thing of the past — a huge step forward for product safety. Another new feature is the time-saving titration curve which is generated automatically with the standardized Brabender MetaBridge software.

          Intelligent water dosage control: Ensuring a constant temperature

          In the kneading process, the temperature curve plays a decisive role as a process parameter. With an integrated heating system, the new version of the Aqua-Inject ensures a constant temperature when adding water.  The influence of the user as well as fluctuations when switching users are reduced, allowing dosing to take place reproducibly. This new technology fulfills all the requirements of national and international standards (e.g. ICC, AACC, ISO and GOST).

          Aqua Inject is supported by the intelligent Brabender MetaBridge Software (Farinograph-TS). The Brabender MetaBridge Controller allows you to upgrade to this software (Farinograph-E). Quick, mobile, and with simultaneous access. Monitor your measurements on any platform and from any location with MetaBridge. The user-friendly software is compatible with existing laboratory management systems. The web-based documentation of the measurement results can support your facility quality management in a targeted fashion.

          • Milling industry
          • Baked goods industry
          • Animal feed industry
          • Confectionery/snacks industry
          • Brewing industry
          • Cereal breeders
          • Cereal merchants
          • Starch industry

          The Aqua-Inject is a stand-alone device for adding water and features automatic titration and integrated temperature monitoring. A quantity of water specified by the user is added and readjusted if required, dependent on the dough consistency achieved.

          Brabender MetaBridge

          • Standard for the Brabender Farinograph-TS
          • In combination with the Brabender MetaBridge Controller for the Brabender Farinograph-E (USB)
          • Compatible with existing laboratory management systems
          • Can also be used in combination with the Amylograph-E, Extensograph-E, Viscograph-E, MVAG and GlutoPeak (USB-version)
          • Precision flow rate measurement
          • Higher dosing quantity (up to 2 liters max.)
          • Non-sensitivity to impacts/vibrations
          • Integrated temperature control (external cooling thermostat only required for applications below room temperature)
          • Standard connection to and control by Brabender’s user-friendly MetaBridge software
          Mains connections115 V 50 / 60 Hz + PE 1.2 A
          230 V 50 / 60 Hz + N + PE 0.6 A
          Dimensions (W x H x D)11 x 17 x 21.25 in
          Weightapprox. 55 lbs net

          CWB New Aqua Inject

          Aqua-Inject BRO VW EN