Value Added Services

Furthermore, our Brabender® Customer Service team offers you a range of additional services:

Brabender Value Added Services

The Brabender Value Added Services

  • Inspection and Maintenance Agreement
  • Emergency service
  • Remote maintenance
  • Software-update agreements
  • Reference material subscriptions
  • Training
  • Service-related training


Range of additional services to the benefit of our customers

Furthermore, our Brabender® Customer Service team offers you a range of additional services.

Regular ’health checks‘ and maintenance ensure that your instrument remains operational and go easy on your maintenance budget. We offer you inspections and standard maintenance agreements. You have a choice of different service levels and cycles, which are tailored to your needs. This makes maintenance and repair calculable items as far as budgeting is concerned.

It is a great feeling knowing that a professional Brabender® service technician can get to you quickly in the event of an emergency.

Whether you have a maintenance agreement or not, we will solve your problems as quickly as possible at your premises in the event of an emergency. You can book this option as part of an all-inclusive maintenance agreement or call our 24/7 Service Line in an emergency.

Is something wrong with your instrument? Do you need urgent assistance?

Contact us 24/7: Just give us a call and we will organize a remote maintenance appointment for you with a service technician and/or with an expert from one of our specialty departments.

This will quickly clarify whether you can solve the problem yourself or whether you require further help.

We also use this method to assist you with first-time installation of software or updates.

In very many cases you save money in the form of travel costs incurred by one of our service technicians and also minimize your instrument’s downtime.

If you always use the most up-to-date application software, you avoid incompatibilities and extend your instrument’s range of analysis options.

Updates to our application software are released roughly twice a year. You get upgrades, which are dictated by operating system updates, enhancements and new functions.

We inform you when an update is released, make it available to download and provide you with installation support if you request it.

You can book updates for your instrument all-inclusive as part of a maintenance agreement or order specific updates via our 24/7 Service Line.

Your customers and / or suppliers often use the same instruments to issue product certification, which is added to consignments and forms the basis of a business process (e.g. receipt / acceptance of goods).

It not only saves you time and hassle, but also money if you can demonstrate that your instrument functions and measures properly.

We offer you regular rheological instrument check-ups as part of a Brabender® reference material subscription, as a stand-alone service or as an inspection and maintenance add-on.

As part of this subscription, we send you our tested reference materials together with reference graphs at intervals of one or two months. You return the results to us and based on these, you receive information about any corrective action that you may need to take.

Do you have a new employee in your quality assurance or production control teams?

Why not assign a skilled Brabender® service employee as a mentor and coach to help get him/her familiarized with the new job. They explain correct usage of the instrument and interpretation of its readings and also demonstrate how to clean the instrument carefully and get your employee to practice this. Your new employee performs measurements on his/her own under the supervision of our specialist.

This enables you to avoid measurement errors with expensive consequences, such as complaints or manufacturing stoppages caused by unqualified operators. At the end of the mentoring period, you can also obtain an inspection report on the condition of your instrument, if you wish.

A high standard of service delivered by a professional staff is the foundation upon which our customers’ commercial success and satisfaction is based.

Our Brabender Customer Service team therefore qualifies the service employees of our business partners by providing a training program run by our own experts.

Why not talk to us about the services described above! Our Customer Service team would be delighted to provide you with more information

The program is regularly updated and published on our website,

Service-related training

The program is regularly updated and published on our website,